Business Parks

Sevier County and its Business Parks

Both parks were created with the intent to help match businesses with a capable and skilled employee base at extremely competitive costs for the business.

Located in Central Utah, Sevier County is strategically located between many major western cities, including Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Las Angeles, and Las Vegas. Sevier County is halfway between Denver and Los Angeles with Las Vegas just five hours’ away on and Salt Lake City 165-miles to the north.

Sevier County’s Business Parks have been developed by the cities of Richfield and Salina with help from Sevier County in general. The main goal of the city officials is to attract jobs to the area. That is why officials are creating so many benefits for companies.

Richfield Business Park

With over 70 acres, this site is located on the city’s southern boundary. Richfield City includes the county’s central business district. The park is within 1 mile of Interstate 70 giving access to multiple western markets. Interstate 15 is only 35 miles away. The city’s municipal airport is within a half-mile distance.

Salina Business Park

At the mouth of Salina Canyon, this park has over 400 acres available for development. Uses from light manufacturing to large industrial facilities are possible. The location is within a half-mile of Interstate 70 and within 30 miles of Interstate 15. Several major trucking firms call Salina home making a ground transportation easily manageable.

Business Support

The Sevier County Economic Council (EDC) is an active participant in support of value-added businesses. The county continues to see increases in employment from manufacturing, business offices, mineral extraction, and tourism. The EDC is a partnership between the private and public sectors and is positioned to lead the charge for a stronger and more diversified local economy.

Putting It All Together

Lifestyle, a lower cost of living, less expensive business operations, infrastructure, work force, and a pleasant climate make for a resilient economic future for existing and new business in Sevier County.