Rocky Mountain Power provides some of the lowest energy costs in the United States making your operating costs much cheaper than in other locations. Three-phase power is available and a rate sheet can be provided upon request. As a reference, an industry with a demand of 1,000 kW using 200,000 kWh would pay approximately $19,500/month. Click here to see a comparison of power rates by state.

Sewer & Water Services

These services are provided by Richfield and Salina Cities respectively. Ample water is available as well as wastewater capacity.


Qwest Communications provides telecommunication services, including landline services and T-1, T-3, and DSL speeds for Internet connections. Fiber optic lines are available 100 yards from the site in Richfield and half-mile in Salina. In addition, local firms, such as Altazip, provide wireless services, including speeds up to T-3.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is provided by Questar and is available to both locations. A rate sheet can be provided upon request.