Local Financial Incentives

Qualification Criteria

In order for a client to be considered for incentive participation, the city will conduct an economic impact analysis for the proposed project being developed by the client. This analysis will review both the assets and liabilities the project will bring to the city. The analysis will address the following:

  • Number of permanent new positions/jobs to be created
  • Wage and benefit package provided for the position/job
  • Type of jobs to be provided
  • Amount of private investments in the project
  • Source of the private investment, and commitment of the investment
  • Size of the building required or planned for construction
  • City services required and impact on: water, roads, sewer, storm water, fire/police

Other variables that will be included in the impact analysis include: Sales taxes generated, Franchise taxes paid, Future company expansions, Term of commitment of the company, and Potential spin-off development

Types of Incentives

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