Richfield Municipal Airport

  • Free cars you can drive locally
  • Immediately adjacent to Richfield’s Business Park and 20 miles from Salina’s
  • IFR rated
  • Expanding airport runways in near future
  • 1 mile from Richfield’s Business Park
  • 20 miles from Salina’s Business Park
  • Runway Length: 6,645 ft.

Salt Lake International Airport

  • 165 miles on Northbound I-15

Distance to Major Cities

Destination-Miles-Drive Time

  • Salt Lake City, 165 miles, 2.5 hrs
  • Denver, 453 miles, 8 hrs
  • Phoenix, 500 miles, 9.5 hrs
  • Las Vegas, 250 miles, 4.5 hrs
  • Los Angeles, 534 miles, 8 hrs

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Sevier County is located next to two high traffic interstates. Access to I-70 is within 2 miles. Access to Northbound I-15 from Richfield is 45 miles away; Southbound access is 35 miles away. Access to Northbound I-15 from Salina is 25 miles; Southbound access is 55 miles away.


Sevier County has access to several large trucking companies that collectively have over 350 vehicles. A list of the major trucking companies is shown below: