What Is Custom Fit Training?

What is Custom Fit Training?

Custom Fit Training is funded by the state legislature for the purpose of enhancing economic development in Utah through effective training partnerships. Through a partnership with the Utah College of Applied Technology, Snow College hosts Custom Fit Training services for the six-county region including Juab, Millard, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, and Wayne Counties. Custom Fit Training representatives from Snow College help businesses in this region identify training needs, find appropriate resources for their specific training needs, and provide financial assistance to make receiving needed training more affordable.

Can Custom Fit Training help my business financially?

Businesses with owners, managers and employees who possess adequate knowledge and skills to do their jobs well are most likely to succeed. Custom Fit Training representatives can work with your company to develop a training agreement in advance of training needs. This agreement allows Custom Fit Training to share in the cost of your company’s training, significantly reducing your cost. Here is an example of one way the process may work: After training options are identified, a training agreement signed, training received and paid for, and appropriate documentation provided, your business receives reimbursement from Custom Fit Training funds for a portion of qualifying expenses (typically 50%).

Is my business eligible for custom Fit Training assistance?

For-profit Utah companies in need of training to upgrade knowledge or skills are eligible. Generally, assistance is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis and at the discretion of the Custom Fit Training representative.

What type of training is available?

In addition to general knowledge and skills typically required to successfully operate a business (i.e. planning, management, bookkeeping, marketing, etc.) most businesses have training needs unique to their situation. Some may need safety training, while others need training for industry certification, manufacturing processes, technology, customer service, technical skills, etc. The program is called Custom Fit Training because we will help you find and afford training specific to your employee’s needs – from the most basic and general to the highly specific.

What strings are attached? How much paperwork is required?

There are no strings attached. Custom fit is here to help you succeed, improving Utah’s economy. Businesses that receive Custom Fit Training assistance must visit with a Custom Fit Training representative in advance of training to complete a training agreement and provide information (name and birth date) of employees trained. To receive financial assistance companies must provide documentation of expenses incurred.

Who is the actual trainer or training vendor?

In some cases training is provided by Snow College, however, many of the training needs are best met by other vendors. Because taxpayer funds are being utilized to help purchase the training, proper procurement procedures must be following in selection of the training vendor from whom the training is purchased.

Where is the training conducted?

Some training needs are best met at your place of business, others at the college, still others may be provided at another location, such as the training company or the venue for a seminar, workshop, etc. Custom Fit Training is not able to participate in covering any portion of the travel costs associated with travel and accommodations

For more information contact Snow College, Custom Fit Training

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